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Fish Contamination Education Collaborative (FCEC)
Past Participants
Past - Guam Communications Network (GCN)

Community-Based Oganizations

Guam Communications Network (GCN)

Guam Communications Network is a community-based nonprofit organization. It is the sole Chamorro (name, language, and culture of the indigenous people of Guam) multi-service agency serving the Chamorro population in Los Angeles County (particularly Long Beach and surrounding areas). Outreach efforts also extend to the Pacific and throughout the US. GCN’s mission is to facilitate increased public awareness of the issues concerning the people, island and culture of Guam through education, coalition building and advocacy. GCN serves as a network to connect Chamorros in the community while providing a means to interact with their homeland of Guam. While GCN focuses its efforts in the Chamorro community, GCN collaborates with other Asian and Pacific Islander service organizations to foster solidarity and work towards common goals.